Ozzy Osbourne – The Great & Powerful (Compilation) (2017)


1.  Crazy Train
2.  Dreamer
3.  Devil’s Daughter
4.  Mama, I’m Coming Home
5.  Bloodbath In Paradise
6.  S.A.T.O.
7.  Mr. Crowley
8.  Don’t Blame Me
9.  The Liar
10.  Trap Door
11.  Aimee
12.  I Can’t Save You
13.  Revelation (Mother Earth)
14.  Secret Loser
15.  Nightmare
16.  Bark At The Moon

1.  Gets Me Through
2.  I Just Want You
3.  Crazy Babies
4.  You’re No Different
5.  Not Going Away
6.  Fire In The Sky
7.  Demon Alcohol
8.  Running Out Of Time
9.  Tattooed Dancer
10.  Shot In The Dark
11.  Steal Away (The Night)
12.  Diary Of A Madman
13.  Party With The Animals
14.  Tonight
15.  Centre Of Eternity
16.  No More Tears

Style: Heavy Metal

download cd1

download cd2

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